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Goddess Saki-Yama - Hime Wealth Initiation Attunement by Linda Kaye

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Goddess Saki-Yama-Hime is the Japanese Goddess who represents financial freedom, luck, prosperity and wealth. 

Her direction is center.

 The lucky number for this Goddess is 7.

 She has very lucky energy.

 By invoking Goddess Saki-Yama-Hime, you are invoking the lucky number 7 within you.

Her totums are insects and crickets. She would be very beneficial for you to invoke her right before a huge business deal where money is involved to insure that luck is on your side.

In modern day, throughout Japan, vendors line the streets around the time of August 28 with small cages that house crickets and other insects. People purchase them and then take them to temples and free the insects ensuring luck and prosperity.

Benefits Of This System Are:

Financial Freedom , Financial Security

Money Luck ,Luck in Business

Lifting of burdens and worries

Overcoming financial obstacles

Raising your financial condition

Resonating and invoking the lucky number 7 within you

Invoke her when playing the lottery

And so much more

   Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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