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My Good Customers Attraction Rays Levels 1 and 2 Master by Mariah Windsong - Buy and get free one system of egual or less value

EUR 25.99

year 2012

 My Good Customers Attraction Rays helps people to attract customers That want your products or service, have the resources to buy and are enjoyable to work with.

 Success, now and in the future depends on many Often good customers with whom-there is a good relationship and frequent transactions.

 Good customers are essential for most businesses.

 You do not have to be in business owner to benefit from this energy system.

 If you are in a business in That sells services or products That is plenty for you to benefit from this energy system.

 It does not matter Whether you are in direct contact with customers or not.

 You can activate this energy system to improve the health of the business you are in and the security of your job.

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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