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Acclimation Rays Master Teacher by Mariah Windsong

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year ,2012

 When a person acclimates to something they get accustomed to a new climate or condition in Their Life.

  If someone does get accustomed to the new conditions and Their body emotions become stressed and Their mental acuity drops. Performance, Whether physical or mental declines and Their natural resistance Also to disease and illness declines. 

When a person acclimates to the new conditions, be they environmental or interpersonal (related to social interaction or relationship changes) they are i maintain or Increase Their effectiveness in all areas of Their Life. 

 Most people can acclimate if they are given sufficient time. It is the gap in time between encountering the changed environmental conditions or other life and the time they finally acclimate That can be very uncomfortable. Some people do not even realize why they feel unbalanced

 They might not attribute Their lack of being "on target" or functioning well, to the change they encountered. Maybe, previously in a similar life change did They not adversely affect them, yet now they are having a difficult time acclimating. Some people simply feel distracted while they acclimate.

 How wonderful it is That We now have Acclimation Rays ™ to assist us to acclimate quickly to any new condition we encounter!

 I'm very excited to bring you access to These divine Acclimation Rays by way of this attunement So That You Can Use them anytime

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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