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TMJ Care -Mariah Windsong Couture

EUR 20.00

year 2011

TMJ Care is care for your Temporomandibular joints. 

These are the That gliding joints connect your jaws to your head.

 There are a variety of That disorders can cause this joint to have inflammation and slip out of place.

 An ache or pain in your jaw, headache, dizziness and tooth or earache can all be indicators of TMJ disorders. 

The CARE Team brings you relaxation, and relief of tension So THAT any physical joint misalignment can be adjusted.

 TMJ Care ™ energy, When activated attends to any other area of your body That may be out of balance as a result of your Temporomandibular joint problems. Chakra spins are adjusted and inflammation of your TMJ joint can He is reduced. 

TMJ Care ™ promotes physical healing of Both your jaw joints.

 TMJ Care's energies synergize with all other healing modalities for you.

Receive Manual  in english and chi ball attunement

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