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Starseed Energy Bundle by Stewart Farquharson

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This is a selection of seven famous places in the sky where people find mystery and guidance in the New Age phenomenon known as Starseeds.

 You can be attuned to each one.

 starseeds People who believe they came from a distant star and are not quite "home" here on Earth are known as starseeds. 

Their mission?

 To help us Achieve peace, wisdom and spiritual growth.

 Sirius In ancient Egypt this star marked the start of the new year.

 Isis the magic goddess ruled here. She gave Initiations into the deepest mysteries and yet was a tender mother and fierce protector, and a loving widow.

 Many people associate this star with canines. The Greeks called it the dog star. Cherokee Indians I knew it as a wolf who guarded the Path of Souls. It is the Orion Hunter's companion dog and chases away the Bull and Scorpion. It is very bright and quite close to us. New Agers think That dolphins whales and souls are linked to it.

Andromeda Andromeda was a captive maiden by the ocean, waiting for a sea monster to devour her, When Perseus flying on a winged horse swept to her rescue. This region is star Associated with an elusive and mysterious teaching presence. Vibrations of love and beauty and sparkle wise change in this energy. This is a spiral galaxy outside our own Milky Way and is approaching us. The Arabs called it the Little Cloud.

The Pleiades If you feel attached to These stars, you will Certainly almost have to deep connection to Nature and a rebellious and very creative natures. Associated with the huntress Artemis and her nymphs, and the hunter god Murugan of Ceylon and his bachelors, the Pleiades are friendly to alternate lifestyles. These stars Also would rule over freedom-loving young demonstrators of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and in the 1960's the famous Hippies. Arcturus Called the Star of the Boat by Indonesians, this orange beacon was used by Polynesians to sail north across uncharted depths and discover the island of Hawaii. Arcturans are rumored to live in a wonderful crystal of great civilization peace and love, and to be the most discreet of star helpers, mostly in the background, and a little reserved, but incredibly powerful if they wish to be.

Vega and Lyra Vega is called by the Arabs al-nasr-to-waqi, alighting the Vulture. In Babylon it was Named Dilgan, the Messenger of Light. It was the pole star in 12000 BC and is in the constellation Lyra where New Agers claim all humans originated. The vibrations here are protective, ancestral, knowledge, family, home, feminine. Long ago around 12,000 BC Stone Age hunters made a circle of stone pillars adorned with the animals of Their Lives: the ox, ass, gazelle, scorpion, viper, and vulture. it is today called Gobekli Tepe, Potbelly Hill, Because the round mound covers the ruins. The old city at Catal Huyuk, Also in Asia Minor, has temples adorned with clay statues of ox heads, leopards and vultures. For this was how These Old people disposed of Their dead. They put the corpses in towers and allowed the birds to strip away the flesh know the bones could be buried near to home. The Vulture was the Guide to the AfterLife. And She was female. A vulture goddess Also protected the pharaohs of Egypt and her wings stretched out in gold jewelry about many a woman's neck. Although of the sky she has connections with the old Mother Earth herself, the Giver of Life and Death and Meaning.

Orion Greeks called this constellation Orion the Hunter and the Egyptians linked it to the husband of Isis, Osiris, the good king dead. New Agers believe this region of the sky had many wars. Refugees are said to have arrived on Earth and mingled with the humans (who had come from Lyra). And later a small gray race of reptilian aliens, The Greys, sneaked down and Began to interfere with human tribes for Their Own Reasons. There is rumored to sono stati a crash of a spaceship in the Grey American town of Roswell in the southwest. The airforce arrived, investigated and quietly removed ... something. There are New Agers who channel something called the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light, who claim That star beings are in opposition to the forces of negativity and conspiracy here on earth: the Greys and the Illuminati. While this can be a challenging vibration, Orion gives strength, courage, and the ability to go it alone. It brings the intoxication of battle and wisdom of Treaties.

The Star Portal When humans left Lyra to come to Earth they are said they used a "star portal" or gateway in space. Whether they used ships or soul travel, they jumped through to magical door somewhere in the Belt Stars of Orion. The giant animal drawings on the Nazca desert in Chile are linked with this mystery, perhaps pointing to a bearing on the horizon where the Portal can be seen, or as a reminder for human descendants. New Agers consider it possible to travel back to this portal in dreams and trances, and to find help and love out in the Reaches of Outer Space.

 Why not try it for yourself?

This bundle of energy attunements is intended for reflection and self-growth and to be added to reiki healing energy to Promote wellness.

 People Should not substitute it for professional medical care. 

 As always, use your own judgment and common sense. 

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement 

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