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Mithras Smiles by Stewart Farquharson

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Out of the mountain valleys of central Asia came a strange god Whose popularity led to shrines in Roman Britain and worship in Persia and India.

 His name is Mithras, or Mithra.

 One of His titles is The Friend.

 They say he was born from a rock and soon after challenged the Sun to a wrestling contest. The Sun lost to this strong youngster, but the two Became close friends. Mithras wears the Phrygian cap of the Persians and a starry blue cloak. In some carvings he holds a torch and a dagger. In India he has at club to use in battle, and grants protection to warriors. A bull from heaven once made a nuisance of itself and the other gods Mithras asked to slay it. He reluctantly agreed. He struggled with the divine beast and caught its blood, and from it sprang many plants and creatures. And Soma, the mystical initiating and intoxicating drink of the gods.

 Due to His friendship and loyalty to the Sun, Mithras Became the god of friendship oaths and contracts. He is Invoked in Treaties carved on ancient stones in Persia.
 In India he is the companion of Vayu, the Wind God. His virtues were courage, honor, and generous friendship. and good hunting and the care of mountain pastures for goats

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