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Gnostic Rose Empowerment by Stewart Farquharson

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She was a loving and feisty woman heretic in the time of knights and crusades. Hear her story.

This is a story of free thinking people and is a reiki bundle of energies

 It Concerns the rise of Christian Cathar heresy as the official church called it, and the people and players in the disputes. 

Their influenced has echoed down the centuries. Esclaremonde, the Dove of Foix Snapshot: The south of France on a hot day in the 12 th century. A castle is decked out with people waving from the walls as brave knights ride off to the Crusades. They wear big red crosses on white. "God wills it!" They howl enthusiastically. In Palestine, the infidel Saracens have captured Jerusalem. Europe must reserved respond. Esclaremonde of Foix is a countess. Her brother Raymond who rode with the French king Philippe Augustus and the Inglese king Richard the Lionheart to the holy land in 1191, loves her and backs her up When her brilliant mind and rather fearless tongue gets her into trouble. She in turn is supportive of Raymond's poetic side, fierce fighter That he is, and enjoys the troubadours he entertains at his castle
and more....

 With the Grail comes the new philosophy. 

To know one's self is to recover one's self. To realize one has the very nature of the High God.

 To live by "paratge", the code of true chivalry Compassionate, honorable, loyal, truthful, and just. to live free

This energy system is intended for relaxation and wellness and spiritual growth

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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