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The Cippus of Horus by Stewart Farquharson

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The Cippus (700 BC to Roman Era) The Cippus of Horus is an Egyptian healing charm That is carved on a flat tablets of stone. 

It shows a youth named Horus the falcon god holding wild beasts. he is unafraid, for His Mother Isis has made ​​magic to heal him. Egyptian mothers poured water over such charms and then washed Their children with it, or had them drink it, to heal them from Things That poison.

 In this example the fierce funny dwarf god Bes, protector of children, is above Horus. Underneath His feet is the crocodile. He holds snakes and a lion and a gazelle .

 Legend of Isis in the Delta Seth after the god of the wild desert killed her husband Osiris, Isis took her infant son Horus to hide in the marshes of the Nile river delta. Poisonous snakes bite babies here and so Isis needed a magic charm to protect Horus. She called upon the funny dwarf god Bes who loves all children.

 She called on Ra the Sun and the Moon Thoth, and the grandmothers and Vulture Cobra . In this cippus of Horus we can see the youth holding different animals, and guarded by adult gods. To His right stands the vulture grandmother of upper Egypt, Nekhebet, and His Mother Isis, Osiris-Ra and His Father. To His left stands ibis-headed Thoth and Wadjet the cobra grandmother of lower Egypt. Above him is Bes again, and the Eyes of Horus Which are the sun and the moon. These eyes have human hands held up like Reiki palms to help Bes guard Horus. We can see this postures again at the curved top of the charm. The baboons of Thoth and the moon god himself raise hands to honor and Strengthen the magic. The plumes of Amon the hidden Wind god of Thebes quietly stand guard nearby. We also notice in the third row down, a winged chariot and horse riding over a crocodile. 

This unknown Egyptian legend may be the precursor of the story of Pegasus and Bellepheron who defeated the chimera.

 In the fourth row we see several gods with spears threatening snakes and crocodiles. Seth was the fierce warrior sets the prow of the sun god's barge as it moved across the sky to keep monsters away. Seth was probably being wisely punished for His murder of Osiris. On the back of the cippus shown above is this curious figure of a god with the wings of a falcon, the head of Bes, the lightning of the storm and snakes around His thighs. It is very possible 

That this is the early form of the Gnostic god Abraxas who was shown as a serpent-footed god of magic and protection.

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