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Balance of the Ocean Mother by Stewart Farquharson

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Some people in Brazil name her Lady of the Sea and call her Yemaya. Her colors are blue and white and she is delighted with offerings of sweets, white popcorn, coconut, water and white candles. People put flowers and sea shells on her altars and seven silver coins. 

She rules the nearby ocean with the seaweeds and fish, where the life is most beautiful and abundant. But remember it is where the waves crash most strongly and the rocks can rip apart a ship. Both she is gentle and terrible. She loves Those who call upon her for help, peace, love, and healing protection.

 She gives wisdom. In the mixture of Catholic saints and African spirits she is seen as the Virgin Mary, Queen of the Sea. Like Mary, she accepts a spoken round of prayers in a rosary. Like Mary, she intercedes for she has great tenderness for humans in our struggles. 

What she can add to Reiki is the idea of balance. puts a balance in our physical bodies  balances our emotions, 

 puts the balance in our self-esteem, we know we are neither flattered nor crushed by other people, so we can keep a confident and gentle faith in ourselves.

. If you give too much energy to the Universe, you will lose who you are, and what quirky and wonderful gifts you personally have to share. If you give too little, you will feel vulnerable and lonely. But we are not alone, we have a wonderful and supportive Universe, Which We can feel with this blessing of the Ocean.

 I hope you enjoy this energy and add it to your healing option

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