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A s h v i n s by Farhad Najafi

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Indian Gods and Goddesses 

The Ashvins (meaning possessor of horses, horse tamer or knight) or Ashwini Kumaras are divine twin horsemen in the Rigveda, sons of Saranya, a goddess of clouds and wife of Surya In His form as Vivasvat. They are Vedic gods symbolizing the shining of sunrise and sunset, appearing in the sky before the dawn in a golden chariot, Bringing treasures to men and Averting misfortune and sickness. They are the doctors of gods and are devas of Ayurvedic medicines. They are called Nasatya meaning kind, helpful and Dasra

meaning enlightened giving. To each one of them is assigned the number 7 and to the pair the number 14. A number of hymns are addressed to them Because Of Their healing and curative powers. They are said to descend to earth thrice a day to help mankind With Their restorative and healing powers. The Ashvins are Considered to be the brothers of Usha, the goddess of dawn and may actually Represent twilight When Darkness and light intertwined Appear on the horizon just before dawn as well as before dusk. They are Praised in the hymns as wonder-workers with nimble hands and miraculous healing powers. The Rigvedic hymns describe them as lords of hundred powers, who can make the blind and see and lame walk, the injured recover quickly from Their Afflictions and help men It produces offspring or cows milk yield blackberries. They can reduce the heat in the human body, cures the septic sores, store the germ of life in female creatures and even perform surgery. Travelling in a chariot with three spokes, they come down to the earth thrice in day carrying with them heavenly medicines.

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