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Sacred Beauty Flush Empowerment by Tracey Loper

EUR 6.99


The Sacred Beauty Flush has been given unto us from Spirit to enable us to reclaim our divine beauty and perfection, our true feminine nature, so that we can access the softness within us, the gentle and nurturing side of ourselves that needs to be cultivated and honored always.

 As defenses are stripped away this will permit our authentic self to rise from within so that we can again trust and be open to love, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.  

The ability to be vulnerable with others will return.

 Our masks will peel away and our guard will come down so that we are living and acting as our highest expression and divine presence.

 This powerful energy will awaken the love, beauty and strength that lives and acts within us when we are free from the blocks of false truths, misconceptions and wounds other past. 

 This energy will aid us in discovering not only the sacred beauty within us but within All. 

At last we will embrace the beauty and truth of who we are in all our divine beauty and perfection, which lives within but radiates without.

  Receive manual in english ,chi ball attunement and lineage

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