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Wulan Asmoro Pamungkas by Ferry Puthut Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 30.00

Wulan Asmoro Pamungkas by Ferry Puthut Handoko

year 2013  -30  $

Wulan Amoro Pamungkas  (In Inglese: Ultimate Affection Moon) to give smooth vibrational energy vortex around the body for an attraction of love and affection.

 It dramatically raise the abilities to love and manage to romance moment or create it. 

Wulan Asmoro Pamungkas helps to Recognize your true love and remove heart pain from broken relationship; love, friendship and works partner.

 It protect any of your hard work with a strong love protection from negative entities.

 Activate it to the One That you love, to promotes the same feeling with you and maintenance the fabric of affection between two of you

You receive the  pdf manual and chi ball attunement. 

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