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Essential Golden Rays by Ferry Puthut Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 25.00

 25 $ year 2012

 Essential Golden Rays support the development of mental and psychological confidence in business relationships, family and romance.

 It helps to get sharpens and trust to your own Intuitions 

 Remove the disappointments feeling to self and to others

 Restores spiritual faith and compassion. Essential Golden Rays helps to calm all your Chakras after you've been exposed to erratic or disturbing energies. it will rejuvenate your Heart Chakra & Also works well with the Throat Chakra.

 Essential Golden Rays inspires self-truth, sincerity and honor. it unlocks psychic vision and improves confidence, both directed towards oneself and towards others. Gives you strength in making tough decisions. helps develop your own personal truth, and gives courage to follow your convictions. 

Essential Golden Rays dispels negative energy and it's Also a soothing and calming energy.

 Physically it's assisting the body with the absorption of calcium, balances metabolism, nervous system and stabilize the heart rate

you  receive the  pdf manual and distant attunement chi ball 

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