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Magic Dove Essence by Ferry Puthut Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 25.00

25 $ year 2012

Magic Dove Essence gives the purity of eternal love essence within 

It's very useful to embedding your relationships with loved ones and also relationships with  friends and family 

Provide a great spiritual support for romantic relationships

It supports to achieve inner greatness to stand and keep tryng and also accept everything 's with more gracefully.

Give  abeautiful and elegant inner peace 

It overcoming an excessive stress ,sadness and disappointment of losing

It increased spiritual sensitivity and provide a better emotional control

Has a unique love energy pattern to promotes mental and spiritual ascension

Activate it to loved one or colleague to improve devotion and loyalty

Receive manual in  english ,chi ball attunement and lineage 

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