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Bloody Star Essence by Ferry Puthut Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 28.00

year 2013   - 28 $

Bloody Star Essence encourages your bravery ,aggressivity and stregthen the masculine side to forge a head toward your goals.

It brings powerful good luck,faithfulness and also the feeling of secure in love and spiritual 

understanding.You 'll have the ability to adapt to various emotional situations.

Bloody Star Essence brings high intellectual power and the balance of conscious and subconscious 

It raise your spiritual wisdom to overcome any negative things around

Bloody Star Essence radiates the feelings of anger and fierceness in some circumstances that you needed to.

Strengthening your heart and mind to struggling with your individuality and indipendence,especially in some aspect of your relationship

Receive manual in english ,chi ball attunement 

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