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Pulse Reiki ( 2017 ) by Ole Gabrielsen Manual in English or in German

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Prerequisites: None  

The Pulse Reiki attunement is the most up to date and strongest 'version' of the attunement available (version 2017).  
Pulse Reiki is a unique Reiki modality where the energy pulses at 7.83hz, which is the same frequency as the 'Schumann Resonance' or Earth's pulse.   
When Reiki is pulsed in this manner it works much faster and you will find that stagnated energy and stubborn blocks are much easier to remove!  
Can be used alone or during a regular Reiki session where the energy does not seem to be flowing well or you sense blockages.

Receive manual english  or in German ,chi ball attunement 

NOT Including mp3 audio

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