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The Great Central Sun 2017 by Ole Gabrielsen

EUR 6.99

Prerequisite: Prana  

The attunement  is the most up to date and strongest 'version' of the attunement available (version 2017 )

The Great Central Sun is the Center of our Galaxy... also called "the Source" or "heart of God" and is the point of origin of all physical-spiritual creation.  
Compared to 'Prana', the energy of the The Great Central Sun is a higher aspect of this energy and it can be quite powerful for some, especially those who have not yet worked with energies on themselves and others. For this reason the 'Prana' attunement is a prerequisite for receiving the Great Central Sun course.  
You can use the Great Central Sun energy just like Reiki and also use it to create energy tools as described in the Prana manual. 

Receive manual english ,chi ball attunement ,lineage  NOT Including mp3 audio 

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