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Prana Source Attunement 2017 by Ole Gabrielsen

EUR 6.99

Prana 2017 Prerequisite

The Prana Source attunement is an energy upgrade of all earlier Prana Source attunement systems It is the most up to date and strongest version of the energy available (version 2017).  

With Prana Source you will be empowered with the ability to create Prana Source 'antennas'.

A Prana Source antenna is like a Prana antenna except that with Prana Source, anything that comes into contact with, or close to, the source antenna will become a Prana antenna.

If you wear a Prana Source antenna you will become energetically contagious (in a good way!) and will be able to uplift your environment and help to uplift the people around you too. After a while your body will become a more effective receiver/transmitter of Prana too if you wear a Source antenna because it will become a Prana antenna itself!.

As with Prana antennas, Prana Source antennas can be neutralised/uncreated at any time if you no longer wish a particular object to emit that energy.

Receive  manual pdf english ,chi ball attunement ,

( NOT Including mp3 audio ) 

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