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Sekhem Seichim Reiki

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Sekhem Seichim Reiki  -  E-Book 

The energy system known as Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, or SSR, combines the bright Egyptian life energy with Reiki, the Japanese Lifeforce energy, Considered by many Tibetans in origin and rediscovered by a Japanese man named MikaoUsui.

Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki is a universal healing energy matrix, life force working at the heart center and the emotional body to open up to more love and connection with Source.

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. Reiki and Seichim are systems that until recently have been taught and separate applied healing.

The positive effects of SSR are cumulative and will carry forward from session, session momentum as an individual moves through the healing process.

SSR is an energy system that encompasses the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies available from the source of all love. 

Each of its three components plays a specific role That When combined with others Creates a unique synergy. Reiki healing vortex of universal life force in the physical and subtle body and the Earth. Reiki helps even in the early stages of opening of the door or a portal for different levels of its higher nature. Where Reiki leaves off in this latter function, the multidimensional living light energy Seichim takes over. 

Receive manual E- Book  95 pages, chi ball Attunement

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