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Chephren 999 Transformation of Crystalline Matrix by Ilona Maja 'h Raufer manual in english and in german

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During this empowerment you proceed with the deadìs god Anubis and Thot the writer / the Wise man to the Chephren pyramid ,to the sarcophagus of transformation and cleansing

During a ceremony you will be laid in the sarcophagus 

Space and time won't exist any more.

This ceremony  will last from 2,5 to 4 days.

Anubis will bring your Adam Kadmon ( body ) to the underworld so that he could remove all faulty kristalline structures ( fears ,faulty programmes ,low emotions ,cosmic implants ,entities ) in order to clean and to transform them 

THot will accompagny your soul in your journey to the cosmic consciousness 

You will be trained there ,healed and cleaned ,and then you 'il reconnect to your Adam Kadmon ( body )

Everything happens in such a way ,as it 's suitable for your soul .

After 2,5 -4 days  a fusionbetween your body and soul will take place.

This ceremony works positively on the light body and makes easier the studentìs other consciousness work.

From now on you are able to repeat this process ,whenever you want 

By your intention,your thoughts go to Chefren and ask the process be carried out for you .

receive manual in  english and german language.distant attunement,lineage 

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