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Magic Lucky Orb by Ferry Puthut Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 20.00

20$ year 2013

Magick Lucky Orb is an subconscious alarm for you to proceed with caution in some business or relation endeavor  or even to stop your effort for it 

It's very good to restore the loss of honor and respect of the others to you and reconcile hostility amongst friends and also to win the loved ones that you desires

Magick Lucky Orb bring glory and success in your professional  and personal life

When you're in a bad condition with your superior especially when they give you a difficult time ,activate the Magic Lucky Orb when you're going to interacting with them ,to soothe and to make them very comfortable to be around you 

Magic Lucky Orb protects one 's life from demons and malicious annoyances and also helps to let go of old bad habits

It release the negative energy from one's body and spirit that encourage the emergence of personal disaster

receive manual english ,chi ball attunement ,

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