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7 Soul Characteristics by Angela Grotsch Manual in English or in German

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The 7 Soul Characteristics are channelled by Angela Grotsch 

Altogether there are 7 symbols :

Quiet and calmness


Inner peace 



Inside seeing / Inner contemplation 

Unconditional love of everything

These symbols can help you  to get in contact with your soul again or more deeply 

These symbols can be visualized or drawn 

They develop their greatest effectiveness in the Heart chakra and in the Solar Plexus 

You can also wrap yourself  in the respective symmbol

Energize water / food with the respective symbol

Symply draw the symbol on a paer and put the symbol under your water glass/food or visualize the symbol into the water / food or on a desired object

Be creative in dealing with the symbols and become inspired

 you will receive manual in  english or in German and  chi ball  Attunement

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