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Reiju Empowerment By Jose' Marinho

EUR 5.00

Reiju empowerment is an offer of spiritual energy.

It 'a ritual that dates back to the early teachings of MikaoUsui.

It is always practiced in the most traditional.

It is believed that it comes from Tendai Buddhism.

In the Japanese language, Reiju means: "Accept / giving energy."

Reiju can 'be used for self-activation in Empowerment Reiju there is no difference in the energy flow and the student has the same ability to draw down the energy as the Master.

This is the main difference Reiju and reiki. Reiju strengthens the Reiki channel, but it is the student who has to keep the channel open with daily practice.

Reiju connects us with our Reiki source of a deeper and more subtle level, allowing the flow of Reiki to become deeper, stronger.

Accelerates our healing and our spiritual awakening


Receive Attunement chi ball, Manual English language, lineage

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