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Dragon Reiki levels 1 and 2 by Andrea Baginsky Manual in English or in German

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History and Facts Dragons - are they real or only a Myth? 

Since human beings have left written knowledge, there are references to threateningly large reptiles. They make Themselves known in the myths of nearly all tribes of the world: there is the Midgard Snake of the Nordic myths Which embraces the globe from its hiding place in the deeps of the ocean; in Babylonian myths, Tiamat is a huge, bloated female Dragon That personifies the saltwater ocean, the water of Chaos. in India the origin Snake Writa holds the fruitful waters of the world imprisoned in a high mountain, till Good Indra defeated her. The Fight between ancient Reptiles and a Hero: In Egypt it is Ra who fights against the Snake Apophis, Marduk in Babylon against Tiamat. Greece Zeus defeated Typhon, like a giant dragon with a hundred snakeheads and imprisoned him under the earth in Sicily. The God Apollo from the Greek Myths defeated the Ancient Dragon and Python imprisoned him in a dungeon under Delphi. Over this dungeon he built a temple with the Well-known oracle. 

The former enemy, now domesticated, is now turning into a source of wisdom; His voice floated to the priestess of Pythia in a form of oracles for the future. In other Myths and legends the hero fights to victory through killing the Dragon and will receive a reward / treasure. Siegfried kills Fafnir, than he bathes in blood and Became His invulnerable. Beowulf kills a Dragon and gets treasure as a reward.

 For the Chinese the Dragon - with only a few exceptions - is Bringing luck and blessings upon them.

Dragons Are Real?

 Let's ask another question: Are angels real?

 Most people of western civilizations believe in angels, but Dragons are banned to the range of myths and fairytales.

 In China it is the opposite, there will be no angel  foot upon a cloud, Because It is yet occupied - by a Dragon!

Therefore why believe in the one and not in the other?

 Dragon Abilities The different kinds of Dragons are Considered to have very different abilities. They are strong, cruel, courageously, helpful, intelligent, wise, are in connection to magic, are the keeper of secret knowledge and much more.

 Dragons are the mightiest forces of the ethereal realms, but are Belonging to the fire element too; they are  show up simultaneously in the elements water, air, fire and earth. 

 Receive this distant Attunement chi ball, Manual English or in German language the necessary instructions, once it is prepared for you, chi ball not expire,   you can receive your attunement when you wish.

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