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White Light Self by Daniela Hills

EUR 10.00

The Self - empowerment white light system uses the symbol of the white crystal globe of radiant energy, helps to open and energize the chakras when working with this system our vibration increases so that 'can get in touch with our SE' Superior with spiritual leaders. And any other sources at high levels, our intuition will increase 'there are no special prerequisites to receive these activations but since we are not in a physical seminar but I will send' the activation remote and 'important that the student has received minimum 1 Reiki level or kundalini.

It 'an easy to learn system and is divided on 4 levels

1 level, the clearing here the knowledge of aura and chakras and 'essential because the first tune and' imprinted on cleaning work, daily have to do with the chakras and aura.

2 The Healing level attention and 'always focused on openness and healing chakra, you will also learn to harmonize with the ball of white light energy, energy security and meditation

3 Level Expansion will learn advanced meditation for healing technique of distance harmonizationthe connection with the sources of information with your SE 'Superior.

4 Level Master Teacher will learn the techniques of harmony and more.

Receive activations chi ball. Manuals in English, lineage.


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