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Familiar Spirits Energy by Nicole Lanning

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By Nicole Lanning


This is not a form of energy to be taken lightly and can not be used in the wrong way, or literally goes' from your energy fields and never comes back even calling for a new activation. This is very important I would really like to explain this to those who are going to work with this energy. It can only be used for the highest good of all when trying to communicate with someone who has gone through.

When you are working with the spirits, and the connection with this form of energy must first be connected to your Spirit Guide. Once you have made this connection, then you work to build the bridge, raising the vibrational level.

Honestly, probably not at first, you will have the contact maybe enough to use the energy once and puff all happens. It is an energy that you have to work and practice to develop a stronger connection.

First you need to establish your meditation, contact with your guides, increase the vibrational level, building your deck, and then have your guide in contact with familiar spirits. You are in control of you, but not in the control of familiar spirits, so unfortunately there is no guarantee that a specific person arrivals.

 I tell you this to be fair even though more practice you do with this energy and more 'surprisingly things start to happen and change your life with the spirit of communication. And if you continue to work and practice and practice and practice, then yes one will come 'free day with who you want.

Increasing the vibrational level you will have the connection with your guides on a higher level. You can use this form of energy mostly in meditation or working on readings for the other. I repeat this is not a form of healing, it can not be used in a negative way - literally in any way or form worth his escape if you work with than you can also enable others to this energy.

Receive remote activation, manual in English, lineage.

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