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Crossroads Energy by Nicole Lanning

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By Nicole Lanning

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When you stand at a crossroads.

Crossroads Energy Empowerment has double action, can be used as decision-making power when you come to a crossroads in life when you have to take the big decisions that come to you in your life the ones that keep you awake at night. Now you have the tools to reach these decisions, make things clear and help you see the pros and cons in a different light and more spiritual. When you make your choice and you know that 'the right to the second part of this energy Crossroads Empowerment helps in communication with those who have crossed your angel and spirit guides and other deities in the metaphysical field.

This energy can help lift the veil between the two worlds so that they can communicate and work with your guides.

Receive remote activation, manual in English, lineage

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