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He Xian Gu Beauty Feminity & Energetic Reiki by Shakina Patel

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He Xian Gu or Ho Hsien Ku in Wade-Giles is the only female deity among the Eight Immortals.    
The gender of her fellow Immortal Lan Cai He is somewhat ambiguous. 
She was from Yong Prefecture Yng zhōu ,  in Tang Dynasty, from a wealthy and generous family in Zēng chéng County, Guangdong. 
She is often described as a morally pure woman, an ideal daughter, and a selfless seeker after spiritual freedom.    
In iconography, she is typically pictured bearing a lotus flower or a peach of immortality. 
She is one of the few female deities revered as members of the Daoist Pantheon. 
When she was about 14 or 15, a divine personage appeared to her in a dream and instructed her to eat powdered mica, in order that her body might become etherealized and immune from death.    
So she swallowed it, and also vowed to remain a virgin. 
Later on by slow degrees she gave up taking ordinary food. 
Her lotus flower improves one's health, mental and physical.

In addition, she could predict people’s fortune. 

He Sian Gu Reiki Will Benefit You Beauty, Enhance Your Feminity, Improve Mental and Physical Health, Be More Energetic, Divination, Astral Projection and more. 

Receive manual, attunement chi ball, 

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