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Chakra Tantra Reiki - from Victor Glanckopf

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By Victor Glanchopf

Chakra Tantra Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that balances the yin and yang the masculine and feminine within the chakras.

Chakra Tantra helps to fully awaken the Kundalini energy.

In Hindu philosophy these two opposite poles represent Shiva and Shakti.

Chakra Tantra Reiki is a combination of the chakra balancing thoughts integration of polar energies, and ourselves to work on our creative energies to manifest our desires.

And 'also useful in reinvigorating our creative and sexual energies, regarding the scope sacral chakra.

It can help relieve back pain due to blocked energy, improve fertility and personal power.

Chakra Tantra Reiki combined with visualization exercises, aromatherapy and massage is helpful in removing energy blockages releasing beliefs and deeply ingrained behaviors. learn ...

How to give in person Chakra Tantra Reiki massage

That use aromatic oils

Focus massage on the ground

The balancing Symbol

Energy Healing & Massage Guided Meditation on the spine

Energy healing work on Chakra

Draw tuning Chakra Symbols

Crystals correspondent

Awakening and invigorate the sexual energies

Sending Long Distance Symbols tuning process.


Receive remote activation. Manual in English and lineage


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