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Gtumo / Candali (Mao Shan) by Yulius Eka Agun Seputra

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Manual by Yulius Eka Agun Seputra (Changka Sakya Dorje)

Gtumo means sacred fire and mystical teachings from Tibet 
Gtumo Mao Shan originates from China ... the teachers have embraced the knowledge of the Bible to prevent the invasion of black magic and to achieve perfection and enlightenment.
Gtumo goes along with Kundalini in a way ... of thermal energy.
1.Gtumo exoteric
Mastering exoteric Gtumo is mostly beneficial in terms of physical healing, mental, emotional and spiritual. Apply exsoterica Gtumo is very simple because it does not require any concentration because the healing process will take place simultaneously in a holistic manner.
2. Gtumo Isoteric
Isoteric gtumo ... intermediate level and is effective in the healing process, and as spiritual consciousness encouragement, materialization and so on.
Practicing isoteric gtumo would allow you to survive in very low temperatures, even without clothes on the peak of Everest Himalayas ...... ..
3. Gtumo Mystic (Master)
Mystic Gtumo uses distine practices for all occasions in his main purpose to improve the conscious spiritual understanding.
Practicing mystic Gtumo leads to an enormous satisfaction of the soul ... ...
There are 14 symbols of energy in practice (from level 2 up) that require visualization or depiction in supporting the healing process.
Gtumo Advanced (Vajra Master) teaches various energy applications mint cools - heating.

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