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Dos Rios Reiki - by Kokoro /Edwin Picket

EUR 5.00

Recommended prerequisite to be a Reiki Master

It 'a gentle non-invasive therapy a spiritual program a service prayer journey and meditationthe course and 'divided into 3 levels

level 1

Being present for your life.

Preparation of a Harmony

Transcend space and time.

self-treatment recovery.

Healing to the other.

Becoming a healer.part 1

level 2

Be present for other

Using the level 2 Symbols

Other distant healing.

Becoming a healer, part 2.

Level 3 Master / Teacher Education:

Be present for the Universe.

Using Master symbols.

Execution of tuning.

Running a distance tuning.

Become a Master.

Become a teacher.

Receive activations chi ball manual in English

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