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Ki Manna - by Leonie Faye Manual in English or in German

EUR 5.00

Ki Manna  by Leonie Faye

The moment we reached the path Ki Manna we released a lot of old beliefs and grown much spiritually.

Now we are ready to lift to the veil and live in truth’

Not everyone is called but for who and’ Ki Manna and’ a fantastic energy system to work for themselves and for others Ki Manna and’ mastery of the God Force that you as a Being of Light

You are a Teacher and you will work the Celestial Guides now you are ready to accept all the personal power and that’ in you as healer, and how revise spiritual guide before you scroll through your life without the structure that hid the beautiful gardens that are enclosed in your soul

If the words resonate in your mind and you already mastery of work with energy then you ready to receive the energy Ki Manna

At this level we do not work only with healing you are a Multidimensional Being in many reality’ worlds dimension.

Receive attunement chi ball, manual in  English or in German 

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