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Kava Reiki Master - by Rosmery Feld

EUR 5.00

Kava Reiki Master by Rosmery Feldman

Healing and communication through the heart.

   This is a powerful healing energy 

  Kava Reiki will help you in your growth and development Spiritual, 

   Kava will help to expand, 

for spiritual self-awareness and to become fully embodied in your present physical expression. 

every tune you can enjoy a heart-based healing, becoming more strongly reinforced and connected to the source 

The foundation of Reiki systems, such as the traditional Usui, using the entire Reiki energy spectrum.

Kava Reiki makes use of a portion of the spectrum that focuses on a specific aspect 

  If traditional Reiki is depicted as the entire rainbow, Kava Reiki of that would be a 'rainbow color. 

There is no precedent reiki prerequisites to receive these activations although a minimum of knowledge and work with the energies. 

There are 4 levels / tune to Kava Reiki, beyond the level of the master (where you can teach and tune other), for a total of 5 activations 

Receive 5 remote attunement chi ball, manuals in English

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