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The Divine Rays 1-12 - by Pamela Caddy

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This form of Divine activations Ray brings more insight and power to divine rays while each beam has its own color, the vibration, the musical tone and a multitude of energies that work with wisdom and vibrations that you can learn and use in your life.

Each beam is anchored to an ashram, an ashram is like a temple that has an Ascended Master who oversees all the work and the 'teaching that is within each range.

 You can visit the 'Ashram during meditation or during sleep to work with the teacher who supervises every ray of light.

By working with the rays of light you are guided to grow in consciousness, love, and you will have an integrated ascension and mastery of life.

 The rays and master energies are:

First Ray: Red - Ascended Master El Morya

According to Ray: Blu - Ascended Master Joshua Stone

Third Ray: Yellow - Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Fourth Ray: Green - Ascended Master Paolo Veneziano  

Fifth Ray: Orange - Ascended Master Hilarion  

Sixth Ray: Indigo - Ascended Master Lanto

Seventh Ray: Purple - Asceded Lady Master Portia

Eighth Ray: Sea Foam Green - Lady Nada

Ninth Ray: Blue & Green - Ascended Master Lady Mary

10th Ray: Pearlescent - Lady Ascended Masters and Andromeda Master  

11 Ray: pink and orange - Ascended Maste Lady Quan Yin

12 Ray Gold Shimmering -Pallade Ascended Master Lady


receive 12 activations with those ball

Manual in English by founder and spiritual lineage

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