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The Lemurian Facilitators by Linda Vaughan Manual in English or in German

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 The Lemurians were very peaceful beings who lived on the island of Lemuria in the Pacific. While the inhabitants of Atlantis were much more technological, the Lemurians were more oriented with powerful psychic abilities.

There was a time when beings could no longer live their earthly land and some of them have left this planet, but still remained connected. Others live in the land and are now bringing them forward Lemurian seed crystals to enlighten us.

This line introduces the Lemurians.

We start in their world so that they can communicate with you and enhances psychic abilities.

However, once you have had this tune, it is necessary that you work with the energies and call them in order to strengthen the energies. You have to ask them to help

Lemurian Temple Initiation

Lemurian Activation dimensional resonance

Lemurian Dimensional Resonance Alignment

Activations of Lemurian energy

After these initiations you will then be able, at any time, giving your going to access the Lemurian Temple in meditation to receive their support, love and guidance.

This is a / Master tune and you are entitled to bring another person to the Lemurian Temple to perform initiations.

Receive activations  chi ball  and manual in English or in German

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