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ISIS Seichim Practitioner Degree by Ruth Mays

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ISIS Seichim Practotioner Degree by Ruth Mays

Seichim (say SHEEM) comes from Sekhem Egyptian word meaning translated into English Power

Seichim is ancient and sacred.

It Is an advanced form of healing with sounds and symbols and is said Seichim is the Mother of energy healing systems.

It is believed that Seichim comes from the time of Atlantis.

However in a more 'traceable form it can' prove that Seichim was practiced by civilizations' Maya in South America before being introduced in Egypt.

Although ancient in its essence, in modern times Seichim can be considered to be new and exciting.

Seichim is much more than a simple healing technique.

Seichim is an advanced form of "healing" telepathic and leads to a greater understanding of your spiritual self.

In English 26-page manual you can find images of various symbols and their meaning and usage.

Receive activation chi ball manual in English and lineage.

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