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Ra Sheeba - by Merilyn Bretherick e Peter Johanson.

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Ra ~ Sheeba was founded by Australians Merilyn Bretherick and Peter Johanson.

Ra-Sheeba attracts those who are ready to be in tune with its frequencies.

It is aimed at those of us who have a strong connection with the past that lives in Egypt. You will know if this energy and healing modality is for you,

follow your inner guidance

Ra ~ Sheeba incorporates both the male energy of Ra ke the feminine energy of Isis

 Ra ~ Sheeba healing energy enters the Chakra System; brings more light into our DNA and interconnection with the Source, it is the key to our transformation at all levels.

If you're still reading this, then this tune is calling you!

Ra-Sheeba is a very important section of the Universal Healing Energy the same energy of Reiki.

Level 1-3 attunements

Level 1 raises your vibration, increasing the light in your DNA.

 It is literally beginning to become a beacon of light, your energy field expands, thus helping to create a more positive effect for you and for all those around you, or that come in contact with you.

Level 2 raises your energy to the vibration of Crystal, where you become more crystalline in structure, higher capacity and more light. Your healing ability expands, intuition is enhanced, you feel more joy and happiness of the connection to the Source of Love


During the period between the two harmonies may experience an emotional detoxification are releasing things that you no longer need.

During activations more 'people have experienced connection to their Higher Self, Universal Beings and the past of Egyptian life.

Many also Vedeno and / or feel the White Cobra and Dragons that help to channel this energy from the Master Ra-Sheeba

Manual by the founders, attuement chi ball, and  lineage

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