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The Isis Blue Moon - by Vaughan Linda Manual in English or in German

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"Isis Blue Moon is a particular flow of energy of which I became aware meditating with Isis one day. She sent the energies up to me I called Isis Blue Moon which is the simple view that is used to connect with this energy flow .

You are already part of 'spiritual order of Isis just by receiving the activation Isis Blue Moon Basically, the Order is just a nice way of saying you're part of the family of Isis on a spiritual level.

All streams have many energetic aspects and frequencies, Isis Blue Moon includes them all.

The more you work with Isis and use Isis Blue Moon for healing, the more likely you will notice the different frequencies.

For what can be used Isis Blue Moon can be used for any cooling and / or compensation in healing work. You can 'use to clean the environment from negative energies and much more, but you will discover it as working with this powerful energy.

Riceive manual  in English or in German , activation chi ball,


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