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NET - New Earth Theachers 1/ 9 Attunements course by Channie West

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Be teachers  the new earth, and 'a way to help the earth and its future residents

Angels Beings of Light and the Extraterrestrials help in this process of change, it has not 'their planet and need our support, after receiving the activations you can pass them to other people.

Anyone can 'do it regardless of its origins or beliefs

This course aims to help people around the world to have a more profound understanding of Mother Earth and the changes that are taking place in the various manuals for a total of more than 250 pages you will find information about the course of events that are taking place with universal transformation, meditation, how to open portals, use of symbols and precious stones to raise your consciousness and how to help mother earth in this transformation, helping karma and much other.

receive activations using chi ball

manuals in English

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