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Tikun Hakklali Shakti by Mahacita Baharuci - Jyoti Marga

EUR 7.99

Seven levels  

This system repairs and restores on many levels  physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

 It helps us restore our lost spiritual light, the light within our spirit that may hae become  and encourages us to see our true path to perfection.

 It helps us to become in harmony with the Universe, with all that is. It has a great effect on a sexual level, cleaning, healing and balancing it, be it in the physical or other bodies.

 It will help us restore our sacred sexuality. It can heal any sexual imbalance.

 It will bring freedom from despair, oppression, depression, help to develop inner vision, bring out divine attributes, and purify and elevate others in words, thoughts and deeds. 

It will help us to claim what is ours by divine right, our divine inheritance and more.

Receive manual,  attunements  chi ball, 

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