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The Eagle of Samothrace from Craig

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 East of Greece lies the island of Samothrace where the evil mysteries of the Great Gods were Celebrated. The Greeks acknowledged These beings were "before the Olympians came ". With them were the starry twins known to us as Gemini, the Dioscuri, or divine horsemen, protectors of soldier and sailor.

 Castor and Pollux were the sons of Zeus Leda who surprised in the form of a swan. Pollux was immortal His son. Castor was the son of a human king who Leda later wed. When Castor Pollux grew old Zeus asked if he could share His immortality with the brother he I loved, I know the god Placed them as stars in the sky.

 In the mysteries, they hold a torch to torch up and down, perhaps That the seeker to show Whose light is low and the guides Whose light is high, are one and the same person. That we initiate ourselves into the deepest mysteries. 

The Rites An initiate would be given at ring of iron magnetized by natural sources, and a red sash. He would spend some time in a cavern on a stone bed. And later with nude male dancers wearing shields and carrying spears.

 They made a loud clashing noise That must have echoed off the mountain. 

There were no class distinctions here. Freeman and slave and Noble were all brothers. The island Temple satyr, a mythical being of the woods You may be a sweaty warrior, a thoughtful artist, a clever orator, or a humble farmer. 

Seek out your brothers. 

Feel the energy add to your healing reiki. Lively. Primeval.

 Sharing touch to touch and grin to grin, for now all grievances forgotten. 

It's time.

 Remember the eagle and be sons of Zeu

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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