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The Violet Light of Buddha by Winarso

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Violet light of Buddha

Hary Andry Winarso

A Teacher teach me about The Violet Lights of Buddha some time ago. Energy which so after soft and creates orthogonal transformation spiritual energy which can bring them practicing on it admission at a happy condition and freedom. This condition can be described as condition “harmonious” in mind and soul a Yogis. Condition which would also brings the practitioner is permeated by admission and transmits energy love to give, peacefulness, kindness … And all important is we can grow in this life.

This is some benefits from overall of benefit is earning we to obtain by practicing on The Violet Lights of Buddha … Calmness, peacefulness, healing, etc. you will meet various other benefits according to needed along with increasingly frequently this method practiced in your life. It’s the core, this method applicable to purpose of anything which are positive.

Before initiation, follows your conscience in drawing up initiation process … takes example you wish to take a bath beforehand, cleans face, etc.

Applies light barium clothes to be worn and cleanness, does this initiation process is place that is enough is peace,  so nothing that bothers your initiation process.

Open your mind and heart, peeps out gladness, joy and love to give in yourself so that here with love lights the Buddha will enlighten yourself and your life. And if this done continually in your life, hence you will enter on condition that is full peacefulness in your life.   

Receive manual, attunement  chi ball, & lineage.

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