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Fire Wheel Master by Winarso

EUR 9.99

Price $62.00 year 2009

   by Hari Andri Winarso

System fixed price by the founder $ 15,5 per levels

Fire Wheel

This system is the Fire Wheel “Clearing and Shielding Attunement”. This system can become a very important part of your daily shielding process. I have found this Fire Wheel energy to be extremely helpful in creating a divine light shield that protects your energy field bodies.

The Fire Wheel is to prepare your body to receive and hold an increasing flow of higher energies. It will help to harmonize your personal and environmental energies and amplify the results of spiritually focused activities.

The Fire Wheel will assist in re-patterning and clearing karmic or other imprints that would otherwise block certain DNA template activations and it assists you in the attainment of consciousness expansion as you are prepared to receive and hold the increasing flow higher frequencies.

The Fire Wheel has 3 levels, that is:

1.      &# 160; Level   1 (Fire Wheel Clearing Attunement): Level 1, also called Fire Wheel Clearing Attunement. After you receive this attunement, you can use the Fire Wheel energy to clearing another, and of course especially clearing yourself ! The clearing energy at this level achieve until the Etheric Body to clear and remove all negative energies. Symbol:1

2.      &# 160; Level 2   ( Fire Wheel Shielding Attunement): Level 2, also called Fire Wheel Shielding Attunement. At this level, The Fire Wheel energy will increase to 3x from the first attunement/level, the Fire Wheel Clearing will be more strong, effective, and the clearing have achieve all parts of Physical Plane ( Physical Body, Etheric Body, Emotional Body). And you can use the Fire Wheel as the shielding to protect the Physical Plane. Symbol:1

3.      &# 160; Level 3   (Fire Wheel Multidimensional Shielding Attunement): Level 3 or Fire Wheel Multidimensional Shielding Attunement. At this level, The Fire Wheel energy will increase to 7x from the second attunement/level. The Fire Wheel Multidimensional Shielding will protect the Physical Plane, Astral Plane (Astral Body), and Spiritual Plane ( Etheric Template, Celestial Body, Ketheric Template). The clearing energy will achieve all of energy field bodies ( Physical Plane, Astral Plane, Spiritual Plane). Symbol:1

4.      &# 160; Level 4   ( Fire Wheel Master Attunement): This is the Master Level. When you receive the attunement of this level, the Master Symbol will put in your sub-consciousness and in your subtle body. So, you don’t need to draw or visualize the Master Symbol when pass the Fire Wheel Attunement for your students. Only think  and the attunement will run ! Symbol:1   

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball  & lineage   

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