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Yin Yang Light Reiki by Winarso

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Fondatore Hari  Winarso year 2009

Yin Yang Light usefull to activating Yin Yang energy, also speeds up and strengthens the Yin or Yang energy. These also increase our healing abilities.

Yin Yang consist of:

Golden Light Yang:

         Golden Light Yang will increases strength and motivation. Increases activity.      Change helper. Stimulates masculine energy Improves vitality And body heat.     Purging (physical and emotional). Aids recognition of personal potential  improves confidence.

        Promotes general sense of security (in life). Strengthens emotions love warmth, optimism.

        Use in treating chronic diseases and extended states of illness. For diseases associated with cold and hypo-activity. For slow developing diseases, for states when there is no desire to move, quiet behavior, passivity, indifference and sleepiness.

        Energetic influence on bones, brain, secretion of neurotransmitters and nervous system.

        Improves digestive process. Heart function, improves blood and appearance of skin. Stimulates cells regeneration. For use in states which require an upward flow.

Silver Light Yin Activation:

      Conducts electricity, spiritual energy, Cleansing and purifying.

       Clears blockages and opens the way for the energy of other essences. Reduces over-activity and helps treat over-mobility. Calms excitement and restlessness.

         Stimulate feminine energy and treats surplus masculine energy. Neutralizes negative influence.

       Aids mental, physical and emotional release. Emotionally balancing and emotionally stimulating.

       Increases intuition increases spiritual abilities and magnetism. Improves communication.

       For use in dry, hard and hot condition. For diseases associated with heat and dryness.

         For inflammation(cooling effect).

       Use with acute diseases, sudden outbursts.

       Rapid changing of symptoms and restlessness.

       Energetic influence on body fluids (tears, secretions), female organs, structural problems, destruction of tissue, lungs Throat, immune system. Neural conductivity, food assimilation. Treating lumps and swelling – particularly when hard.

        Suited to problems associated with over-expansion and inflexibility.

        Use in states which require a downward flow.

Yin Yang Light     : A combination of the Golden Light Yang and Silver Light Yin.

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