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EMR (Electron Magnetic Radiation) by Winarso

EUR 6.99

by Hari Andri Winarso     Price Founder  20,99 $   year 2010

EMR Protection Attunement is an attunement that can help you: build immunity to EMR, heal from damage by EMR, and protect yourself from further EMR damage. Furthermore, when taken regularly this EMR Protection Attunement can help to ensure the survival of healthy human beings through the 21   st   century. This life force energy serves as an EMR shield while your cells heal from and build immunity to electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is emitted by computers, cell phones, motors, microwave ovens, and other electrical appliances.

EMR Protection Attunement can help us:

            Feel more comfortable and healthier in environments of high EMR.

            Adapt to environments of high EMR, so they affect our less.

            Heal from illness that may have resulted from EMR exposure.

            Support our DNA to adapt to environments of higher EMR.

            Heal from disease caused by excessive solar radiation.

            Adapt to higher and changing levels of solar radiation.

           Strengthen our aura so that it can protect us from EMR Whi     le our cells heal and build immunity to EMR.

             Open our awareness to areas of higher EMR so we can avoid them.

             Teach our cells to become neutral and unharmed by micro waved foods so  that we can gain nutrition from them.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball

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