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Supra El Empowerment 3 Planetary Elixirs by Winarso

EUR 6.99

from Winarso year 2010

Price 20,99 $ 

At this Supra – El III, you will attuned to 10 kinds energy of Planetary elixirs. Like as the Supra       - El II, the energy of elixirs at this Supra – El III is only works/treatments for ourself, not for anothers. If you want this energy can be useful for anothers, you can pass the attunement of this Supra – El III for them, after they have receive the attunement of Supra – El II and works with Supra – El II for about 3 – 5 days.

                Jupiter Elixir

           Mars Elixir

           Mercury Elixir

           Neptune Elixir

           Pluto Elixir

           Saturn Elixir

           Uranus Elixir

           Venus Elixir

           Helios Elixir

           Luna Elixir

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball,

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