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Nature Elements by Winarso

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 Nature Elements System

The four elements build up forms of the subtle and physical bodies, exist on all levels  ( or planes) empower the functioning of the bodies. Any disease produces a distortion or impairs the elements in the body.

If one of them is weak, the devitalized element will produce a dysfunction in the body concerned, in the location that is the sphere of its influence.

Each element is connected with a specific chakra. In once sense, a chakra is equivalent to the axis of receptivity of the elemental energies and of  the vital energies ( life force or prana) distributed the subtle and physical bodies.

The Nature Elements System work on two levels:

    To restore the health of elements in the body. For example, Earth Element works at the level of the lst chakra (Base Chakra) and unites with the force/prana.

   To strengthen the receptivity of vital energies in the chakra.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball     & lineage.   

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