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Metallic Laser Platinum by Winarso

EUR 6.99

from Hari Winarso 16 $   year 2010

Platinum Laser è l'ultimo dei Metallic Laser Trilogy, prerequisiti Silver e Golden Laser.

Metallic Laser Trilogy – III

Platinum Laser

Platinum Laser is the last of Metallic Laser Trilogy, you must have been receive the Golden Laser, before take the attunement of Platinum Laser.  Platinum Laser allowing for enhancement of intuition and clarity of communication. It aids in the quest for spiritual growth. It stimulates psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision and telepathy, linking guidance from higher dimensions. Promotes dream recall and understanding. The  energy clears all chakras and opens channels for spiritual energy to flow.

Platinum Laser is used to bring access to the astral, ethereal, and higher planes so that we can remove barriers and understand the patience of step by step progression. It can help remove blockages in the chakra system, assisting the flow of Kundalini energy throughout the energy centers and bodies. Helps in the removal of doubts and places you into being completely in command of your life. They can be conduits for currents of profound inner illumination, yet this awakening is not and ascension out of the world.

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