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Spritual Radiance Healing by Winarso

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  Spiritual Radiance Healing

Spiritual Radiance Healing i san unique and wonderful healing energy. It is very suitable for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing work. Spiritual Radiance Healing has a very soothing and meditatively calming effect.

It helps to ease stress and tension and supports the natural self-healing powers and energetic equilibrium. Spiritual Radiance Healing is a very powerful energy. Spiritual Radiance Healing can serve as a health-care precaution. It can also bring relief to stress, tension, disturbed sleep, exhaustion and nervousness. It can have a supportive effect after illnesses or operation and can have a positive influence on the healing process.

Spiritual Radiance Healing distinguishes from other energies in its easy application and in its efficiency, clarity and purity. Spiritual Radiance Healing can be combined with all other conventional types of therapy and even intensifies their characteristics. Without hierarchical thinking Spiritual Radiance Healing strengthens one’s own consciousness and self responsibility in dealing with this free energy.

The meaning of the term ”physical energy” is the ability of a system to do work. We know the different forms as electric, mechanical, chemical and heat energy. The meaning of the term “subtle energy” is the ability of this energy to generate changes or transformations in ourselves. Seen generally it is a power of transformation or change, which can transform our ethereal, emotional, mental or spiritual body, our personality, our relationship to ourselves and our environment.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball,  & lineage.   

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