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Vortex Light Shakti Level 3 by Winarso

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Vortex Light  Shakti is an inter  Dimensional vortex energy that has the ability to transform  the quality of glands, chakras and various energies, especially the kundalini energy.  Vortex Light Shakti helps to raise the kundalini, it stimulates an opening in the pathway through  which the kundalini may travel.  It also help to lessen the discomfort involved in the movement of energy.

Vortex Light Shakti also assists  in the movement of  the kundalini into  and through  the heart chakra. It brings a calming  peace where it resides, and promotes thinking with love before speaking with intellect.  Helps one to be gentle with themselves as well as others.

3.            Level:

            Vortex Light Shakti

            7 Subtle Bodies Cleansing Empowerment

            Vortex Light Shakti Shield II Activation

          Kundalini Shakti II

            Fourth Dimensional Chakras Attunement      

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball, & lineage.

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